Rules To Post By

1. Be polite.
This might be the simplest rule to understand, but the hardest to follow. No matter how much someone else's suggestion may strike a nerve, hold off on any personal attacks.

2. Be helpful.
Helpful answers stay on topic and add to the discussion.

3. Use your real name
It's a lot easier to take advice from someone with a real name than from KRQfanboyt12.

5. Use Proper English.
Try to use proper English — Avoid SMS chat. Use proper capitalization and punctuation.

6. Focus strictly on what you know.
We all have our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to knowledge, so try to help out in areas with which you have personal experience.

7. Provide links.
Try to provide links to any sources you mention.

8. Be brief.
Avoid any answer that is longer than two sentences.