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On December 9th, Venture Archetypes and Greenberg Traurig pulled together a panel of some of the top entrepreneurs and most active acquirers in Silicon Valley to answer your questions about start-up M&A. So whether you’d like to know what the serious players are looking for or how to position your start-up for a healthy acquisition, you’ll find the wisdom right here!. Read the rules.
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Michael Brown

Manager, Corporate Development
April 2009 - Present Corporate Development manager at Facebook.

List of Michael's answers

Q: Regarding offers, how do you decide on cash versus Equity? What are the different considerations? check all answers
A: We just do what the Entrepreneur wants mostly [laughter]…it’s sort of true actually. If we’re willing to pay $100 for a company – obviously I’m using silly numbers, then that’s what we’re willing to pay. So if someone wants cash because they need to buy a house or pay XYZ loan, that’s fine. We still want people to vest and want people them to be there for time, but we don’t really care.
Q: What would be your pitch to describe your culture and what kind of person or company might be a fit? check all answers
A: We are looking for hackers…we are looking for men and women who want to drink Red Bull and Mountain Dew and stay up all night and turn an idea into an ugly looking prototype that they can buy some Google search traffic on and test and see what people think of it. We are looking for people who are impatient, who like to write code, who want to crank stuff out and think social is going to change the world. So, I think hackers welcome.

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