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On December 9th, Venture Archetypes and Greenberg Traurig pulled together a panel of some of the top entrepreneurs and most active acquirers in Silicon Valley to answer your questions about start-up M&A. So whether you’d like to know what the serious players are looking for or how to position your start-up for a healthy acquisition, you’ll find the wisdom right here!. Read the rules.
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Who has to sign off on a deal?
Asked by John Chu

Panel Answers

Amin Zoufonoun
Director, Corporate Development
Once we have a enough information that we’ve assed that fit and we want to go forward, we move pretty fast. Like most companies, there’s an executive committee that needs to sign off, obviously corporate development, but we move pretty fast. That part is not a bottleneck.
Taylor Barada
Senior Director, Corporate Development
If there’s a deal of a certain size, as a public company, there are authority matrices and what not. Some deals have to be officially approved by the board. Frankly, it’s our job to manage the process to whatever timeline of the business constraints that we have to get a deal done. As Amin said, that’s not something that slows things down. When you put a term sheet out, there’s essentially a business sign off with some sort executive committee. There’s usually business leader with who we’ve partnered to make sure we understand what it is that we’re doing and we go through that. It’s pretty transparent and we try to make sure that we manage the process in a way that we don’t get surprised and the seller doesn’t get surprised either.

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