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On December 9th, Venture Archetypes and Greenberg Traurig pulled together a panel of some of the top entrepreneurs and most active acquirers in Silicon Valley to answer your questions about start-up M&A. So whether you’d like to know what the serious players are looking for or how to position your start-up for a healthy acquisition, you’ll find the wisdom right here!. Read the rules.
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What about divestitures…how often do you shed assets?
Asked by John Chu

Panel Answers

Taylor Barada
Senior Director, Corporate Development
We continually talk about it and think about it. When you’ve grown as we have over 15 years with the Internet, you’re constantly trying new things and going different directions. We’re trying to be very careful and thinking about almost on an annual basis. In regards to how we go about it, we typically first asses whether we think it’s something that’s fine to maintain even if it’s just not the core focus moving forward. Is it serving a community of users we want to allow to continue but we don’t want to invest in the future or is it a business that runs the risk of becoming what we call a vampire site that is just out there but it’s not really there? In that case, it should either be shut down, or if there is a better home for it, you figure out can you extricate it from the technology stack and actually have something which is saleable. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t. If there is something that’s saleable, we try to get an idea of what’s there and what would work for us and

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